TRANSCEND is a publication for people who want raised consciousness, economic system change, and a world that works better for all beings. This is a place that examines what is going on our inner world (our consciousness) and in the outer world, (this magnificent planet we call home). TRANSCEND covers the need to shift away from the insanity of a limitless-growth, consumerism-crazed economic system as well as examples of where that shift is already underway. It’s also a place to explore what it means to be both human and a spiritual being. I pull a lot on A Course in Miracles teachings and New Thought concepts in general.

I launched TRANSCEND because we are living in precious and precarious times and I believe we have an opportunity and an essential sacred responsibility to address the insanity of what humanity is doing to the rest of nature (and ourselves). To do so, we need an evolutionary step in human consciousness, a re-cognition of the absolute connectedness of creation.

In the words of one of my sheroes, the late Joanna Macy, “Out of this darkness a new world can arise, not to be constructed by our minds so much as to emerge from our dreams. Even though we cannot see clearly how it's going to turn out, we are still called to let the future into our imagination. We will never be able to build what we have not first cherished in our hearts.”

What’s needed in this time is a shift in consciousness, an evolution in modern humanity’s understanding of our place in, and relationship to, ourselves and the rest of Nature. This will not come top-down from governmental programs, but rather from a massive groundswell of people thinking and acting differently. As old norms crack, those of us alive right now have a genuine, powerful opportunity to create a world that works better for all beings.

I genuinely look forward to exploring these deep topics with you.

About Me:

I found my calling early in life and have been working to help humanity develop a healthier relationship with the rest of Nature ever since. I’m an activist, business owner, speaker and teacher, and, most recently a minister through Unity Worldwide Ministries.

I serve as associate minister at Unity Spiritual Community Central Oregon and also through my organization, The ReThink Ministry. I’m a small business founder and owner -- Cylvia Hayes Enterprises and 3EStrategies. I’m the former First Lady of Oregon. My first book is titled, When Life Blows Up: A Guide to Peace, Power and Reinvention.

I live in Bend Oregon and sometimes Portland where my life partner lives. I share my lovely house with feisty Border Collie Olive, who is a fabulous agility dog. The place I steward is also home to wonderful old pine and juniper trees, countless birds, some busy squirrels and the bees from my hive. 

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I really appreciate all my subscribers and do my very best to deliver quality content and provide practical, actionable tools and info. One of my main goals is to arm people to better question and step out of old paradigms that are no longer serving us. When you become a subscriber, free or paid, you get my best efforts including posts, access to archives, and announcements of events and other offerings.

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This is indeed a challenging, tumultuous time, but also a time of profound possibility. It will not be easy to reinvent the world, but with love and firm intention we can do it. This is the time to transcend. 

In reverence and hope for these extraordinary times. 


What Readers are Saying:

Wow! Great piece Cylvia! Thanks for taking the time to write it, I'm subscribing NOW! I felt an instant calm come over me not halfway through reading your piece! Even heard a bird singing outside my office window, just because I was listening! Well worth my time and the subscription rate! Thank you! — Bob Rees

A powerful statement of truth. Thank you for sharing. — Caroline Boatsman

You suck. This is terrible writing! — Actually, I just made this up to prove environmentalists do have a sense of humor. :).

The girls also say hello and thank you! Sweet Freya (AKA LottaDog) passed in 2023 and she is missed by all the rest of our pack.

Freya, AKA LottaDog, and Olive, AKA Livvy, ready for adventure.

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For people who want raised consciousness, economic system change, and a world that works better for all beings.


Unity minister, motivational speaker, author, economic system change expert. Earth-lover, Dog Agility-Holic. Committed to raising consciousness and redesigning civilization so all creation can thrive.