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OOPS corrected Prosperity and Spiritual Economics course info

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Oops, am just learning some new Substack features and left out the registration link. Sorry!

Hi Friends and Readers of TRANSCEND,

In my last post I forgot to mention my upcoming online, six-week, Prosperity and Spiritual Economics class that starts this Monday.

Paid TRANSCEND subscribers get a 20% discount so the full cost is only $60!

This course examines the prosperity teachings of Eric Butterworth, Lynn Twist, Charles Fillmore, and others. Participants explore the broader meaning of prosperity beyond “material things” to discover their own beliefs about money, abundance and lack. We create practices for healing limitations they hold about scarcity and prosperity, and discover ways to address their own unexamined, unconscious assumptions about abundance, giving and generosity.

This course will also explore some of the challenges in the status quo consumption-based economic system that is our current societal operating system as well as alternatives that could bring about a healthier world.

This class is all about developing a soulful, less-stressful, rewarding relationship to money and overall life abundance.

Access discounted registration offer below.

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