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This is a shocking yet not surprising account. Still, one rarely hears the story of a person in this situation from birth to middle age as told by one who has been there for them the whole time. I am left with an understanding of the pieces of the destruction, the damaged childhood, institutional assistance, indifference, and hostility, as well as what injections of love along the way can do. I love the love that knows its bounds and understands when to step aside. Yet love given is never lost. He experienced some hopeful times and some success and I hope that he finds a better path in the future. Internalized caring from you could help with that. Thank you for sharing.

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Along this same line

Oregon finally stopped taking peoples drivers licence for minor unpaid tickets

OPB had a good article recently.

The new law help people after the law but not all the ones suffering under the old.

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Very powerful and very well written. Thank you

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