I love this post because it tells a never-ending tale common to my neighborhood. It has become less walkable and bikeable, but due to never-ending streams of noise, also less liveable. The never-ending stream of smoke creates another problem. When the never-ending stream of people comes, suffocation fills me, and I tell myself, if this is growth and development, I don't want growth and development.

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Aug 27, 2022Liked by Cylvia Hayes

I love this post. I am so sad to see all the development happening off Shevlin Pines right now. All the trees that have been razed. The way fewer number of jays visiting our feeders.

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I might have had a heart attack if I had come upon seeing all those trees down like that.

I think of taking down trees like that as the outward manifestation of the inner pruning of all the branches our minds used to take before they were trimmed of anything other than the ability to look at the capital, as in the "head" (Latin is "capitas") where all the money flows.

"Growth" is an obsession of people without much imagination, because they are so entrained to look up only at profit, not the bigger picture of a life cycle.

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