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I surely get the angst Cylvia. The news is pretty painful most days now, and I know nothing of the worst pain of it. Re: Biden, I think he is doing a good job as president. Unfortunately, he has had a lifelong speech impediment and it is more apparent under pressure and with age. He also forgets things under pressure. I think his ability to make decisions though is still sound, and I agree with most of them or at least see that he has no way out on some of them. He has excellent people working with him. He is a good man. Re: the election, it will come down to two choices. I will support Biden. I figure he’ll continue to do a good job. If his health fails, our system of succession and support in the executive branch will address it until the next election. Things are not ideal, but good enough. Thanks for voicing the angst! Go Livvy!

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Here’s my emphatic rebuttal:

Biden Has Been a Great President

Stuart Stevens: “A plea to my Democratic friends: It’s time to start calling Joe Biden a great president. Not a good one. Not a better choice than Donald Trump. Joe Biden is a historically great president. Say it with passion backed by the conviction that it’s true.”

“Because it is.”

“Yes, the desire to see the 2024 election as a choice between a normal, stable president versus an erratic thug under indictment in multiple states is seductive. But don’t base a campaign on that contrast. Don’t go into 2024 with the game plan to win because Donald Trump is an existential threat to democracy. That’s true, he is, but that’s only making the case that Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. It’s not the reason Joe Biden should be reelected.”

“Joe Biden should remain president because of his historic level of achievement here at home while standing on the side of freedom versus tyranny in the largest land war in Europe since World War II, a role no American president has played since the Roosevelt-Truman era. Be bold. Walk into this campaign with swagger and confidence and pride.”

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Hi Cylvia. I knew you would support him. I suppose I was trying to put a different feel out there for those who are concerned about the doddering appearance. It does create concern re: electability but if supporters focus on the strength of his administration, as a united front, then it strengthens his campaign. A little counterintuitive, but electability is one of those counterintuitive things. Thanks again!

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Cylvia--take a long look at Rpbert Kennedy, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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